I consider myself a pretty good networker, some people have called me an expert at it, and I know it works for growing my business. That being said, I would like to extend an invitation out to anyone that would like to come and join me at one or both of my main networking meetings.
First is Rapid Time Networks in East Vancouver at Mr. Brownstone on Main, Wednesdays at 9am. This is a new style, pay for referral networking group that allows duplicate businesses and affiliate (referrer) / vendor (referee) style marketing for the business owner that needs flexible meeting times and places.
You can RSVP Here 
Second is my BNI chapter that meets Tuesday mornings at 7:00am (we are currently moving meeting places so check out our website www.bniamplifyvancouver.com),
BNI is the granddaddy of Networking organizations and is based on individual chapters that allow only one representative per industry type to join. There is weekly obligations for bringing business and attending. It has accountability and it works.
See you out networking